isn’t it strange looking back on the first time you heard your favorite band and how you didn’t know how much they would end up meaning to you in the future

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Ashton Fletcher Irwin or Australia’s next top model? The world may never know.

well fuck

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I apologise

you should

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5 Seconds of Summer arriving to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards held at The Forum on August 24th, 2014 

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2013 vma will always be the best vma


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5SOS at the MTV VMAs [HQ]

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[HQS] 5 Seconds of Summer arriving to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards held at The Forum on August 24th, 2014 

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*Wins VMA award* 


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5 Seconds of Summer arriving to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards held at The Forum on August 24th, 2014 

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Five Seconds of Summer at the 2014 VMAs (x)

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Remembering Sunday
All Time Low
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All Time Low - Remembering Sunday

the neighbors said she moved away, funny how it rained all day

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bold what applies to you


  • i have blonde hair and green eyes
  • i have red hair and hazel eyes
  • i’m tall
  • my hair is really curly
  • i have brown hair and blue or green eyes
  • i have freckles
  • i have black hair and brown eyes
  • i have dimples
  • i wear contact lenses
  • i tan easily
  • i have small eyelashes
  • i paint my nails

Clothes / Accessory / Make-up:

  • i hate wearing flip-flops
  • i don’t have converse
  • i wear foundation every day
  • i have stretch marks / tattoos
  • i love wearing head bands
  • i hate wearing mascara
  • i have at least one pair of vans
  • i hate sweaters
  • i love wearing high heels
  • i own brown eyeliner
  • i love skirts/dresses
  • i own at least 3 pairs of jeans
  • i often wear scarfs
  • i never wear necklaces

Family / Country:

  • i’m the oldest child
  • i have an older brother
  • i’m from South America
  • i know how to swear in more than two languages
  • one (or more) of my parents is from another country
  • i have a younger sister
  • i have siblings that live in Asia
  • i’m an orphan
  • i have family that live in Australia
  • i know two or more languages

School / Job:

  • i’m in high school
  • i love history
  • i have/had a teacher that is great in explaining and actually teaching
  • i got fired
  • i know what i want to do in the future
  • i don’t do an extracurricular activity
  • i learn more than one language
  • i love math
  • i already have a job
  • my grades are almost never excellent/very good
  • i want to go to college/grad school
  • i want to be professional athlete / writer / artist

I have:

  • broken a bone
  • ridden a motorcycle
  • a best friend
  • a favorite song
  • sung in the shower
  • punched / slapped somebody
  • told somebody they are pretty
  • my own room
  • a star crush
  • pets
  • kissed a boy / a girl
  • online best friends
  • spent whole night without sleeping
  • girlfriend / boyfriend

I’m afraid of:

  • insects / snakes
  • people disliking me
  • somebody yelling at me
  • somebody finding out a secret about me
  • my favorite character dying
  • stormy weather
  • death
  • having to talk in front of people(as in like public speaking)
  • heights
  • pain
  • kissing somebody 
  • small rooms

I love:

  • sci-fi
  • sleeping until 12pm
  • fluffy blankets
  • animals
  • swimming / diving
  • watching movies
  • channing tatum
  • pizza
  • hot chocolate
  • running
  • baking / cooking
  • harry potter 
  • cold showers
  • my hair
  • my wardrobe 

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