First Holy Communion is always the bank holiday in May. They’re looking to change it, for the first time ever in history. (x)

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Album name game

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5 Seconds of Summer for Alternative Press

Why does no one ever talk about this boys cheek bones or jaw line like daMN

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5 Seconds of Summer for Alternative Press

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maitoucan asked → Luke’s laugh or Calum’s laugh

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When luke and I are at social gatherings we get out our matching flannels n dazzle people with our dance routines

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"What would you say to a talking cow?"

I love how ashton finds the idea of the cow being Australian, so funny. He’s like god Calum why would there be Australian cows haha

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Status of the 5SOSFam
Michael Girls: dead as of July 24/25, 2014 when Michael got his eyebrow piercing
Luke Girls: dead as of June 26, 2014 when the album was up on tumblr and Luke's vocals at the end of Eighteen was heard
Calum Girls: alive but slowly dying as Calum gets more and more tattoos
Ashton Girls: alive but on life support as the holes in Ashton's shirts increase in number and size
The Fam In General: barely holding on as "soon" has come and past and the boys are getting bigger and living their dreams
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Calum Hood + The Today Show - July 22nd, 2014 

i need jesus

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